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Everwing Cheats, Hacks, Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Everwing Cheats, Hacks, Tips and Tricks for Beginners
Everwing Cheats, Hacks, Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Welcome to our blog! Today in our post we are going to discuss some Everwing tips, cheats, and hacks that will help you in enjoying the Everwing game a little more. So, let’s get started!. Source of these Everwing tips is and most of the tips and tricks are derived from there.

Are Everwing Cheats, coins generator real?

Look at the video above! You will see how this video claims you to provide free Everwing coins and trophies. But let me tell you these videos are nothing but some video editing tricks that are used to fool people. In short, all the Everwing Hacks, Cheats and Coins Generators are totally fake!!!

Never enter your personal details in hacks like these. These Everwing cheats claim to provide you coins and trophies after you complete a survey or download a few apps. But trust me, you don’t get anything after completing the surveys or downloading the app. On the other hand, the owners of these cheats and generators get to earn a good amount of money. So, I will advise you to not waste your time in these scams.

Everwing Tips and Tricks

The only Everwing hack that can make you better is practicing more and more. But practice should be done in a planned manner. So, here we are with our Everwing tips and tricks that will help you in becoming a better player.

  1. The game is all about reflexes: – The faster you are the more you are going to score that’s the simple rule of this game. The game starts getting more swifter and hard as you level up and kill more monsters and bosses. So, be ready to adapt yourself to the increased speed.
  2. Unlock all fairies asap: – Unlocking all the fairies as soon as possible is the way to go in this game. Many players tend to keep upgrading their favorite fairy but in the next point I will discuss why is unlocking all fairies is a better idea.
  3. Every fairy has a role: – Every fairy in this game has a specific role that it does the best. For example – Sophia completes the quests 2 times faster, so she should be used for quests, Lenore has two lives so she is idle for active battles. That’s why it is important to unlock all your fairies asap.
  4. Don’t forget your dragons: – Your dragons can be upgraded too! And trust me upgrading them gives you a big boost in live battles. Your sidekicks can increase your high score exponentially but you need to tame them in a proper way.
  5. Everwing time hack: – Don’t want to wait for Quests to complete? This simple Everwing hack can make your life easier. Just change the time of your device to a few days ahead and time-based events like quests will finish early.


So, that’s it for our post on Everwing tips and tricks! If you want more game tips and tricks then stay tuned. We will keep bringing more tips and tricks in near future. Thanks for reading.


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