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Best Offline Football Games for Android

Best Offline Football Games for Android
Best Offline Football Games for Android

European football (or English soccer) is one of the most famous and well-played sports in the world, with hundreds of leagues, thousands of teams and tens of thousands of players. It is a real global phenomenon. In addition to all TV channels and websites that are interested in the sport, a ton of applications of football has appeared in recent years. However, as with most sports, mobile games are rarely tremendous and have a hard time making us experience all the power and atmosphere of the stadiums. You can turn, then, to game consoles or other browser football games (online).

But fortunately, some pearls should not be missed and that you should have on your mobile.
Here are the best European football games for Android:

Final Kick 2019

Final Kick 2019 is a simple football game with an arcade game appearance. It allows you to play again and again on penalties. Your goal will be to score goals to infinity. This game comes with decent graphics, offline tournaments, online multiplayer games, weekly tournaments, and simple, small orders. It is this simplicity that is the charm of the game. It will allow you to have a good time and distract yourself for a few minutes, although the tournaments can last much longer. Note that this game is free, but it’s far from embarrassing.

Football Manager Mobile 2019

Football Manager Mobile 2019 is a football simulation made by SEGA. It works like most sports simulations. You form a team, win games and try to win a championship. It is officially registered for most major European leagues, as well as for South Korea and the United States. Besides, this version of the game is much more interesting than previous versions in many respects. The initial price is a little higher than what we would like for a simulation, and it is not free, unlike the majority of European football games available at the moment. Download football manager 2019 apk for here.

Head Soccer La Liga 2019

Head Soccer La Liga 2019 is the official game of La Liga Spanish. It’s a fun little arcade game. Two players (or a player against an AI) compete in a one-on-one match. A little like ping pong, the game takes place turn-based, but it remains very friendly and challenging. It includes real players, a collection and upgrades mechanism, and some improvements to help you perfect your game and win victories. The game is very simple and fun. It’s also free, but we expected it.

Dream League Soccer 2019

Dream League Soccer 2019 is one of the biggest mobile football games. He proposes to choose real teams, to play games and to have a complete field of action. The main axis of the game is a simulation. You will form a team, prepare it and win championships. However, you can also play football with the team you have created. This puts this game at the top of football games. It also includes six divisions, Google Play Games achievements, backups and rankings, and more. This one is surprisingly advanced, even for free.

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FIFA Soccer

FIFA Soccer is arguably the most popular mobile football game. Of course, that means it’s a boon to EA Sports! A bit like the other sports games EA Sports, FIFA Soccer is distinguished by its exceptional graphics, good process and a lot of content. This includes a single player campaign mode, online PvP, online leagues, players with more than 550 teams, and more. It has more content than any other game of its kind. However, his freemium tactics are a bit aggressive for our taste. Take advantage with care to avoid unpleasant surprises in terms of expenses.

PES 2019 Pro Evolution Soccer

PES 2019 Pro Evolution Soccer is the biggest competitor of FIFA on mobile. Many believe that it is also the best game. PES 2018 offers great graphics, exceptional mechanics and controls, a team building process, an online multiplayer mode, a local multiplayer, and more. Even if FIFA offers more features, PES remains more fun to play. This should help most players make the right choice. PES 2019 is also a free game, which sometimes ends up becoming an obstacle. But still, PES 2019 remains an exceptional football game.

Hero Score

Hero score is another extremely popular football game that is not bad either. Basically, you play each level and complete challenges, whatever they are. The game features over 580 levels, various rewards, fun graphics, an online multiplayer mode, the Google Play Games cloud economy, and more. Unlike more complex and comprehensive games like PES or FIFA, Score Hero is very easy to pick up, making it the best game to spend time without a fuss. However, it is still a freemium game, with the usual problems of this type.

Soccer Star 2019

Soccer Star 2019 is a fun football game. However, it is more average than very good. Designed specifically for the mobile, it offers a ton of players and collectables. The game is quite easy to handle. It’s not nearly as good as some competitors, but Soccer Star 2019 is certainly better than many other games.

Ultimate Soccer

Ultimate Soccer is another acceptable but fairly average football game. You can play games and we consider it a plus. However, the controls are a little mundane and the game is a bit slow. If not, Ultimate Soccer offers more than 1,000 players to create a team, a career mode, a training for players, etc. Difficult to align with the big games of the same kind. However, it can still be used to spend a few minutes. Since it’s a free game, be careful not to buy anything.

World Soccer League

World Soccer League is a bit of a black horse on this list. It is better than most football games. However, it does not enjoy the same popularity of games like FIFA or PES. WSL offers full matches, around 120 teams, 2,000 players, four game modes, achievements, standings and help in 15 languages. The mechanisms are quite simple, even if they are a bit slow and the graphics are above average games of this kind. It’s a free game, but it does not really interfere.

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